Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Makaning in Sydney

Phew!!! What a week it's been in Sydney. We had a great time at the Hillsong Conference, catching up with old friends, and enjoying the lovely Sydney foodie favourites.

We stayed with our friends - Kah Kooi and Karen in Pyrmont (so nice... near the city and near to lots of yummy makan places). They brought us to try Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Darling Harbour on Saturday night.

The chocolate drinks and food selections taste HEAVENLY. To be honest, I'm actually a moderate chocolate fan. And I'm not the biggest lover of hot chocolate (which to me, seems to be just gourmet milo). But Karen persuaded me to give it a try... so I ordered one for myself. They serve it like this, a jug of hot milk with melted Lindt chocolate on the side. You mix the milk and the melted chocolate in the cup like this... and the moment I took my first sip, oh my gosh... you simply have to TRY it yourself. You can really taste the quality of the pure cocoa essence. It's better than all Koko Blacks and Max Brenners put together.

We also ordered their waffle and ice cream. The ice cream which was white chocolate ice cream is just so delectable. It's really white chocolate ice cream. Not just some vanilla ice cream with a few shavings of white chocolate, but the whole thing just exudes WHITE CHOCOLATE. Yumz I tell you. We told some of the other people on the Hillsong team about and urged them to try it... but I doubt they did (too many things to do in Sydney) but sorry to say that they really missed out. This I must say was the NUMBER ONE food highlight of my Sydney trip.

Sunday night was the Hillsong Conference ZPH Team opening dinner. We had it at Tony Romas... who are supposedly famous for their ribs.

We ordered the combo set which comes with a selection of ribs, sausages, grilled chicken and side dishes to share. Quite nice lar... but hubby said that despite its worldwide reputation for having the best ribs, it still can't beat the local Hurricanes ribs at Bondi.

On Monday, we decided to visit our favourite Sydney Dim Sum place, ZILVER. Mike and Stan came with us.

The food was yummy as ever. But I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't get my favourite dessert, those mini green tea buns. But I was consoled with their Mango pancakes at least... I've never found any other place that serves mango pancakes like these. This is absolutely the best dim sum place I've ever been to.

Tuesday night, a group of us went to "Pancake on the Rocks" new branch at Darling Harbour.

I had their Mexicana savoury pancakes... and hubby who was craving for something meaty had their ribs... didn't get a chance to sample their dessert though. The others seemed to be in a hurry to head home... probably everyone was feeling a little tired after a long day at the conference.

After a whole week of sandwiches for lunch, we ended with a final team dinner at Paramatta. Can't remember the name of the restaurant though... probably something like Paramatta Chinese Restaurant. Here is a photo of our table... the old gwailo guy sitting there is our bus driver.

The food here is not bad, but apparently the only reason why they always have the closing team dinner here is because they do not know where else to go... HAIYA... say lar... we'll suggest another place for them next time.

Saturday: Our final mission was to get 3 dozen Krispy Kreme dougnuts to bring back to Perth. The people in Perth are so deprived of Krispy Kreme. Apparently most people around the world think that there are just not enough Krispy Kreme Branches around. I thought 3 dozen was a lot till I heard that another person in our team carted back 7 dozen of the sinful stuff!!!

Sunday morning: waking up for some yummy Krispy Kreme. Just heat it up for a few seconds in the microwave and PERFECTO!

What gastronomic experience it's been in Sydney!

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