Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hillsong Conference Highlights

So much to share, so much to tell... but instead of boring you guys with tonnes of photos, I decided to handpick a few to show some of the highlights. Of course it doesn't show even nearly half of what we experienced. Every day was just jam packed full of good teaching and inspiring messages.

The sessions started at 9am every day until 3pm. Then we had a break until 4.30pm when we went back for the night rallies, which was also open to the public. And finally we board the bus and head home around 7pm.

Anyway, here are some photo highlights...

Monday night rally--grand opening with full ochestra playing the classic hymn "Amazing Grace"

Tuesday night rally--Chris Tomlin leading worship with old favourites such as "How Great is Our God" and "His Love Endures Forever"

Wednesday morning session--Guy Sebastian doing a special performance to help promote the work of Compassion

Thursday morning--Steven Curtis Chapman!!! Need I say more??? (FYI: Serene is a keen "admirer" of Steven Curtis Chapman's music) singing one of my favourite songs "When Love Takes you In"

Thursday night rally--more of Steven Curtis Chapman singing a couple more of my favourite songs (btw, 2 out of the 3 members of his band are Steven's own sons! How cool is that?)

Friday morning combined stream (part 1)--interview with Bishop T.D. Jakes (I think hubby found this to be the most impactful session for him)

Friday morning combined stream (part 2)--panel discussion with key leaders of Hillsong Church

Friday lunch time session--up close and personal with Steven Curtis Chapman where he introduces his family, including little Shaohannah who was the inspiration for starting Shaohannah's Hope to support parents in adopting children

So cute... she's really sticky to her dad... she didn't even want to leave the stage when the rest of the family went back to sit down but wanted to stay right next to him the whole time...

As mentioned, we had plenty of great teaching... but I think the session that really spoke the most to my heart was one on Humility by John Bevere.

"True humility is your utter and complete dependence on GOD"

This has been my third time attending Hillsong Conference. And it gets better and better each time. This has been the best one ever yet.

Some of you might think we're simply chasing after speakers and music... or simply just a "spiritual injection". But I assure you it is not so. I suppose this is something like those church retreats we used to have every year when we were still kids/teens. Everyone needs a break sometime, so what other more fruitful way to spend a holiday then at an inspirational and awesome gathering like this?

Here some video highlights from Hillsong's Youtube...


  1. Wow, looks like you really have a great retreat at Hillsongs! I cannot agree more than it is one of the best way to spend a holiday and yup not a spiritual "injection" time.

  2. Hey Clarice! Waaah, you also entering the blogging world, eh? Cool stuff! I would definitely recommend that you make a trip to Hillsong Conference at least once during your time in Aussie land... and you are also welcome to visit us here in perth too!


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