Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pleasantly surprised hubby

Saturday night... we had Ronald and Diana over for dinner. Actually I wanted to make it a dinner to celebrate the Duan Wu festival and eat some Bah Chang - but couldn't find any at the Chinese shop. Maybe next year I will make some at home instead.

Back in KK, this festival would be one of the times we would go to my grandmother's house to have dinner with the whole family... aunts, uncles, cousins - the whole lot. Each aunt would usually bring a dish to contribute to the meal, but my grandmother would always prepare some familiar traditional Hakka dishes...

1. Pak Cham Kai
2. Ngiong Tew Foo
3. Kiu Nyuk

So in the spirit of keeping old Chinese festival celebrations alive, I decided to cook a couple of these dishes... Pak Cham Kai and Ngiong Tew Foo.

I had cooked the Ngiong Tew Foo before, so this was no biggie. But for the Pak Cham Kai, I had to get the recipe from mum. Although the concept is similar to the Hainanese style... apparently there were some slight variations. I didn't follow the recipe 100% exactly though... the recipe said to leave the chicken to cook in the hot water for 3 hours... but I didn't have 3 hours, so I just left it simmering on very low flame for about an hour and a half... still turned out OK I think. Next time I will cook it for 3 hours and compare the results.

Hubby was at first a bit disappointed that I was going to cook Pak Cham Kai. Because he thought it would be similar to the Hainanese style, which he loathes (ironic, since he is Hainanese). But he was pleasantly surprised with the results and said it was really yummy! (thanks for the recipe again, mum!)

Afterwards we had the usual post-dinner chit chat while Christopher watched his favourite movie 'CARS' probably for the millionth time... but it was very amusing to watch him...

Speaking of kids, my turn will probably not be long in coming. I think the 'fear' has dimished a lot as I've spent time thinking, talking and reading about the subject. The only thing holding me back now is probably getting organised about the whole thing... checking insurance coverage, health check up, getting finances in order etc.

We'll be attending the parenting course organised my our pastor in August... which should be good. Step by step lar, k?

So I've beat you to the punch... when you see me next time and want to ask me the burning "when" question, you know the answer already.

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