Saturday, June 02, 2007

Craving for... Craving Thoughts...

Our new cafe is now open for business!

(Where? Where? In Singapore lar... at 200 Upper Thomson Road)

It's a GREAT chill out place... here are some pics, doesn't it look FANTASTIC?

Nice hor?

Nice leh...

Please visit, k? (just look for either Mabel or Robin)

If not for the amazing ambience... then definitely at least to try out one of these...

Monster breakfast... fua! solid man!

And the delectable desserts...


  1. Wow!! looks great..another cafe? cool! Soon you won't have to work :)

    May the Lord prosper you and may your business flourish and bless the community!

  2. Hi Serene,

    Learnt that Craving Thoughts Cafe has closed. Have you guys moved to another location in Singapore? Am thinking of booking a similar venue for Youth Alpha course.

  3. Hi Timothy. We're now located in Juntion 8 shopping centre


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