Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All in one day

Yesterday (Monday): I felt like I had a super busy but productive day.

The moment I opened my Outlook at my desk, I was bombarded with a flood of emails. We had just finished a major report last week, and my colleague was now on the way to Seattle to present it to the client. But now the client had come back to us demanding that we make some changes to the report and include more additional data. I was the only team member left (the other team member had gone on annual leave for 3 weeks).

So the whole morning and early afternoon, I was thrown into pulling out the additional data and analysis. Finally by 2.30pm I emailed out the updated report. So tired man… and I hadn't even eaten lunch, and I had another major report to finish in time for tomorrow's presentation.

So I decided to start work on the other report, and just eat my lunch at my desk while working. Thankfully I had the help of another junior… so we kept working and I stayed back just a little bit longer until 6pm – cannot stay late coz' I have a hungry hubby waiting for me at home.

Arrived home, started preparing dinner. Stir fry chicken, mixed veggies and cashew nuts. After dinner, clean kitchen and wash up. After that I had some way overdue ironing to do… running out of shirts to wear… then mended my black pants to wear for tomorrow's client presentation… then showered… then went online to do some banking, pay bills, read blogs J

And then finally to bed at 11pm.

All this in one day!

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  1. Wa, superwoman! Heehee :p. That is really a very very busy day... I dare not think of the er housework tht needs to be done every now and then. I'm here in Melbourne "in training" to do proper housekeeping too. I'm sure you have given your hubby a warm and cosy place!


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