Thursday, May 17, 2007

Turn the other cheek...

It's now past 11pm on Thursday... a working night! I should soon put myself to bed, snuggle under my warm quilt with a good book. That's the best place to be on these cold evenings. Lately, temperature has been dropping down to as low as 4 degrees celcius at night *shiver*

Meng How is away again. He flew off this morning to resolve some issues with the system on site. He should be back tomorrow, but so far they don't seem to be getting any nearer to a solution... each time they solve one issue, another one comes up...

I just finished preparing for tomorrow's bible lesson at our Youth O2 meeting . The lesson will be on 'Revenge' centred around Matthew 5:38-42... about turning the other cheek, instead of seeking an eye for an eye...

I hope the youths will find it interesting, and more importantly - relevant. One of the highlights will involve showing a movie clip from the 1998 movie 'The Parent Trap'.

Also, we'll be looking at a bible story - the story of Dinah and Shechem from Genesis 34. There will be a brief mention about 'circumcision' in the story, because the revenge act involves Simeon and Levi tricking Shechem and his dudes to be circumcised... then in their weakened state recovering from the 'painful medical procedure', they attacked them and killed them all...... Why did they kill them? Well, it was because Shechem raped their sister, Dinah.

What a story! Hmmmm, but I wonder if it's appropriate at all for some of the younger ones... *thoughtful pause*

I was thinking about about how to handle this circumcision thing. Should I just skim over it and assume all of them know what it is? Or should I pause the story and explain what it is for the benefit of the ones that have no clue about it? I decided on the latter. But no detailed explanation or graphic images of the procedure, just a bit of background info on this Jewish custom. Hahaha... sounds like I might be veering into a National Geographic moment on this... hope it doesn't result in us going off topic or anything! No fear, I shall endeavour to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and keep us on track.

Sounds like fun hey? Will let you guys know how it went.

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