Thursday, May 03, 2007

Strength for today

Lately I'm trying to develop a new habit.

On the bus ride every day to work, I've been using the time to read my bible and pray.

I'm beginning to look forward to it every day.

I find a nice corner seat by the window, settle in and feed my soul.

Been reading the Psalms. And then praying for different things. My struggles at work. My family. My hubby. And sometimes just enjoying the time alone with God.

I started taking the bus on a regular basis ever since I first came to Perth for my studies and then in Singapore for work... I find bus rides to be quite soothing. Just something about the motion and looking out the window watching the scenery and people.

So now I'll be sharing my special bus rides with Him.

No drastic change in life yet.

But getting some perspective and even a tiny bit of strength at those moments of seemingly minute but character building choices.

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  1. Sounds like a great habit. At worship, one of our pastors quoted from the incident in the Bible of Martha and Mary. Martha was actually the one who opened her home to the Lord but then she got distracted by many things. Just like us..we open our lives to the Lord and many times get's good that you Serene have chosen to the ONE thing that sit at His feet.. Good on ya


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