Friday, May 25, 2007

Missing: Serene's Voice

Guess what? I lost my voice! This is the first time in my life that I lost my voice... so I'm finding it an interesting experience despite the discomfort.

I've been battling a cough and cold for the past couple of weeks... just a persistent cough that wouldn't go away, and the usual sniffles.

My cough then started to become more chesty and phlegmy... and then just on Thursday, this is how it happened...

...My alarm rang as usual to wake me up, I "snoozed" it and snuggled up next to hubby as usual just to savour a few moments longer in my comfy warm bed (the best place to be on a chilly morning)

After a few minutes of snuggles, I opened my mouth to tell hubby to get moving, don't be late for work (I say this to hubby almost every morning, but mostly it's to tell MYSELF to get a move on, hehe) and then... no sound came out of my mouth!!! Really!!! I'm not kidding!!! I was like, eh? What happened? I tried to say something again and managed to whisper hoarsely... "honey, I lost my voice!"

Hubby's response: "Really? Oh nooo... you poor thing" *pause* "Haha! Now my ears can take a break!" *wife glares at him* "Okay okay, sorry... just kidding lar... come I sayang"

So yalor...that's how it happened. So poor thing right? *pat myself on the head*

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