Saturday, May 19, 2007

Engaging youths

It's 8.00am on a Saturday morning and I'm awake!!!

Just can't seem to sleep in... my dear hubby is away again. He left on Thursday morning to go on site and was supposed to come back on Friday night. But by Friday afternoon, they still hadn't resolved some issues with the system so they are keeping him there till Sunday :(

I was laying in bed this morning thinking over a number of things. Hubby and I have have started thinking about having kids... I really think it takes a lot of courage and strength to bring a child into this world AND to bring the child up in this world! On mothers' day, Ps Joyce was preaching about the joys and pain of motherhood... once you become a mother (or a parent) sleeping in will become an unknown luxury......

WHAT??? No more sleeping in??? *sniff sniff* I really treasure my Saturday mornings when I can roll around and laze about in my warm bed. Now that takes REAL courage man!

Last night as you know, I was in charge of the lesson for the Youth. Phew... I think it is definitely a challenge to truly engage their minds. Overall it went smoothly. They liked the movie clip very much... in fact, I think they seemed to see it more as an entertainment rather than educational. And revenge is a very big topic... I think some of the younger ones find it hard to relate to, because revenge hasn't resulted in any dire consequences for them yet. Sure, they may get into some quarrels and fights every now and then... but nothing serious.

I started an impromptu discussion (which wasn't in my original lesson plan)... trying to draw them out and hopefully to help them understand that revenge doesn't have to refer to big dramatic situations... but it can be small actions on how you react to people who shurt you... it's the heart that matters.

A couple of the youths raised some questions... which hopefully meant that it struck a tiny chord with them at least...

But I agree with something hubby said... that they way to engage these youths is not just about the teaching and the lessons... that's probably the least part. The biggest impact they will get is the fellowship and the way they engage with each other. We thought of organising some activities or competitions to get them to work together as a team. When a group of people share a common goal to win or achieve something, that will really build cohesiveness

Just like when I was in the Youth back in my church in KK... at first when I started attending Youth, I felt out of place and indifferent. But then I was giving things to do which I had to work with other people, get to know them etc. The best times was when I became a member of the committee... during those times serving in the Youth, I really felt I was part of something. I think that's they key, Youths really need to feel that they are part of something. While having fun of course!

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