Friday, May 25, 2007

Can't stop the rain

Question: Do I talk too much?

I was chattering non-stop as usual to hubby on Monday night. Basically the moment I arrived home I just went into full swing. While I prepared dinner, while we ate dinner, while we watched TV, in the car on the way to "Marriage Enrichment Class" at pastor's house. Then continued in the car on the way home and so on.

What did I talk about? Dunno lar... everything.... about work, about the projects I was working on, complain about boss, complain about work, something funny colleague said, something funny I thought of... yeah, stuff like that lar...

Hubby's a really good listener. But toward the later part of the evening, I think he was getting tired.

I finished off telling him another piece of information, and then turned to him to ask the usual, "so what do you think?"

He was obviously getting a bit zonked out because he was like "what? sorry... not really listening lar"

Me (fuming slightly): "Honey, if you don't feel like talking or are feeling a bit tired, just tell me... then I can save my story for another time, otherwise waste my breath only"

Hubby: "How can? It's like trying to stop the rain... can I just tell the rain - stop raining?"

Me (rolling eyes and laughing): I'm not THAT bad lar... (am I?)

But I got the hint and gave hubby's ears a break for the rest of the evening.

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