Wednesday, April 04, 2007

To the drummers

New drummers are coming out in church... so exciting, and I'm happy because firstly it's a healthy sign of growth in church, and secondly because it will be such a relief on the current drummer who has almost been the ONLY drummer in church for a long time (incidently he is also a fellow Sabahan - majulah Sabah!)

I have a soft spot for drummers... firstly because one of my bros is a drummer (I have two favourite bros in the whole wide world!), and secondly because my adopted sis is a drummer also!

Earlier this evening, during the closing song at Leaders Meeting I was just reflecting about drummers (new drummer playing bah!) and I just suddenly felt how much I missed my bro and my adopted sis - Audzie.

Audzie was the utimate female-drummer icon... so banggah to have known and lived with such an icon (Audzie, I remember how you always looked soooooo coooool playing the drums down in front on Sundays!)

I hope one of my kids (no matter if boy or girl) grows up to be a drummer one day! hehehehe...

This is a pretty random post, eh?

Okie, off to bed I go... muaks!

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