Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ordering food out of respect & courtesy

After dinner at home hubby and I headed out to Fast Eddy's for supper.

Actually, the truth is we had a special request to obtain the legendary Fast Eddy's menu. Hubby's business partners in Singapore wanted some inspiration and ideas for a new business venture. Fast Eddy's gives out free copies of its menu anyway, so this would not be a problem.

Question is, should we just grab the menus and go or be more civilised and at least order something to eat out of respect and courtesy? I was inclined to go for the former, but hubby said he will 'chia' me lar so no need to be so 'kiasu'

So I ordered a Vanilla Fudge Sundae (as usual, I forgot to take a pic BEFORE we attacked the sundae)

It was really quite sinful... but once in a while OK lar hor?

While we were there, I met an ex-Franciscan schoolmate from KK... it's really uncanny how people from your hometown pop up EVERYWHERE... for a big world, we are pretty well connected I think. We didn't chat long, but talking to someone from hometown always makes me feel like I'm back home in good ol' KK once again.

Anyway, we grabbed two menus after respectably paying $7.95 for the sundae. It better be worth it... hopefully these will help inspire creativity needed for this new business venture.

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