Monday, April 02, 2007

Meet Lensy

Hubby has a new pet.

Folks, meet little Lensy.

Hubby saved it from a tragic death of being tossed into the bin. I was about to throw Lensy and his mate out after my 30 days of fun with them were up, when hubby bounded in and decided to adopt them.

Lensy's mate had an unfortunate accident being torn in two in one of hubby's experiments. But Lensy is doing quite well and is enjoying being submitted to dehydrating and rehydrating experiments and being pressed and prodded to test his texture and durability.

He lives in a drinking glass 'aquarium'.

And spends his time in between experiments sitting quietly at the bottom of his 'aquarium'.

(The truth is our optometrist suggested that hubby try out some contact lenses - he is still learning how to put his own ones on, but in the meantime he wanted to be able to study and conduct some experiments wit them because he found it so fascinating to see how they work - typical engineer?)

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