Saturday, April 21, 2007

Key to man's stomach, door to man's heart

My sayang (hubby) is home for the weekend - just a short break from his one month secondment at the client's site.

Soon after he arrived home he began clamouring for a real nice Chinese home-cooked meal.

Me being the darling little wife that I am, decided to make a good wholesome soup... soup is one of the most effective keys to a man's stomach which as we all know is the door to a man's heart.

Mmmmm... good soup - I cooked chicken soup with Chinese Wolfberries... really nice, I'm not just saying to praise myself - hubby can vouch for it! I enjoyed it too... my soul felt fully warmed up and comforted after slurping up the nice big bowl of sweet hot liquid goodness!

Soup is the key baby!

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