Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jie Jie, what you doing?

I was at Diana's house on Sunday to borrow the use of her scanner. Little Christopher full if energy as usual was running round the house. He's getting more talkative, with his expanding vocabulary he's attempting to make intelligent conversation with guests.

Being the inquisitive fellow that he is, he dropped his toys and came into the study to investigate what I was doing. "Jie Jie, what you doing?" (Apparently a woman before she has kids is called Jie Jie all they way until she becomes a mum by when she is automatically promoted to the status of Aunty)

"Jie Jie, what you doing?!?!" in a more earnest tone. So I was obliged to give a minute by minute account of all my activities. "I'm turning on the computer, Christopher"... "Now I'm looking at my paper"... "I'm putting the paper in the scanner"... "I'm printing something"... "I'm typing out an email"... and after each account, Christopher will always answer in a highly intelligent and knowing tone, "Oooooohhhh!" as if he understood exactly what I said. Maybe he does, he's bright kid. So cute ya?

(Actually it's quite amazing to observe how fast kids grow not just physically but mentally as well... just 1-2 months ago, Christopher was in the "What's this" phase where he was always pointing at things and asking "What's this". Now he is obviously in the "What you doing" phase. I think it will not be long before he starts the "Why" stage - Diana and Ronald better brace themselves for that next phase!)

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