Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bonds of friendships

Recently, I have been part of a long email chain which was been going back and forth between my old gang from my church Youth group from KK...

It started with an announcement of the engagement of two dear brothers and invitation to attend their weddings this year.

Immediately the congratulatory emails started popping up from our various friends... which is indeed a very good thing to see. After all these years, the bonds of friendship still hold fast. This was something that began very simply years ago when all of us were still in our teens and in school. We attended Youth meetings every Saturday, did bible study together, served together in ministry, went for outings together to just have fun and do life together.

We've taken different paths of life since then... some paths have led us quite far away physically from each other... some paths have led us to do very different things from what we thought we would do when we were younger and dreaming of the future...

And here we all are... years later... working, studying, engaged, married (soon to be parents perhaps?) yet the bond remains. I can sense the bond because of the feeling of sincere rejoicing TOGETHER with each of these people as they go through these different milestones... and how good God has been in each of our lives.

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