Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Supa Golf

Public holiday today... Anzac Day!!! Our CG had an outing to Oasis Supa Golf in Swan Valley

(Note for my overseas readers: Supa Golf is an amateur golf course... an easier version of golf with oversized golf clubs, bigger golf balls so its harder to miss, hehehe, and bigger holes too... so anyone can play! When you come over to visit we can bring you there to play, ok?)

On the Supa Golf fairway - we opted to play the 9-hole game

Estee and Jack

Adding up the points... I did very well, hehehe... highest points mar!

The girls on our team

Group photo!!!

After that we headed to the Chocolate Factory for a late lunch...

(I actually have lots more photos, but I took mostly video shots - don't know how to extract still images from videos, need to wait for my Sayang to come back to help me with that)

It was quite fun actually... I was slowly improving bit by bit (thanks to some golfing tips from Tigress Woods - Kai Ting). Got technique how to lace your fingers when you hold the stick one you know! Toward the last couple of holes, I could feel the power as I swung the driver... unfortunately the power didn't transfer fully so the ball didn't go that far, but at least can feel it a bit lar... look forward to our next golfing session, man! *yeah*

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