Saturday, April 28, 2007

Belaian Jiwa...

Last night after O2 we had supper at Evelyn's place (super nice apartment - the closest thing I've been to that I would liken to a penthouse!)

We had pulut hitam (one of my favouritest desserts!) shiok! Enjoying with music from Innuendo playing in the background... havent't heard those classic Malaysian R&B songs in a looong time... I'm sure many of can remember "Belaian Jiwa"

The song brought back memories of high school Talent Time and Bakat Interact performances... this was probably one of the most popular songs among those local Boy Band and Young Diva wannabes. I think at almost every single one of those concerts or performances, there would be someone belting out that familiar tune on stage.

It also brought me back to those times when me and my housemate Audz during our uni days would be just hanging out together, with her fooling around with her guitar... singing scraps of songs whenever the inspiration hits...

And I can still remember her randomly plucking the familiar strains of this song... and then sing... " Ji......wa......."

That was the only part of the song we ever sang... probably because neither of us could remember the lyrics of the rest of the song...

Amazing how one song can bring back so many memories...

Tiada lagi kau ku ingatkan
Sayang kau hilang
Biar sampai akhir hayat
Ku di dunia ini

Kau tahu betapa
Ku sayang padamu
Hanya bidadari sebagai ganti
Hanya takdir
Menentukan ia
Ohh belaian jiwa

Ohh angin
Sampaikan lagu ku padanya
Yang sedih pilu
Lagu ku jadi teman
Hidupmu untuk selamanya

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