Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another challenge at work

I've been given the task to write a major report. It's quite a big report and a very daunting task indeed.


I meant to start on it right after lunch today... but as usual other things pop up... meetings, colleague ask for help, follow up on emails, look through some urgent documents...

So it was not until 4.00pm that I finally had a chance to start looking through all the various documents and stats to do my report. I really wanted to view this positively and take it as an exciting challenge.... but I got overwhelmed by the information overload... so sadly I didn't manage to achieve much by 5.30pm going home time.

Should I stay back and work on it some more?

I could... but my brain is starting to go into shut down mode. Plus I came into work earlier today for an early morning conference call to a client in Seattle.

Better go home.

So here I am now... trying not to worry about it. But at the back of my mind I see the report waiting for me when I go into work tomorrow. Maybe things will seem better in the morning when I feel fresher.

So good night for now.

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