Monday, March 05, 2007

New gadget

Have a look at my new Dyson DC08 Vacuum Cleaner

"What is a Dyson?" you may ask... in response to this, I will just let Wiki do the explaining here

Almost everyone we spoke to here raves about how great this marvelous piece of machinery is. I was dubious at first, but as soon as I felt the power of this cleaner in my hands while helping to clean up after the YA Christmas Chill last year, I knew I had to own one too. Plus I was also impressed with the fact that it didn't need any replacing of bags or filters at all.

We hadn't got a vacuum cleaner yet since we moved to Perth. So hubby agreed that we might as well spend a bit more to get a really good vacuum cleaner instead of just buying a cheap one only to have to buy a better one later.

So we made a few phonecalls to enquire after some prices and went out to get it.

Doesn't it look beautiful?


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  2. Can't use bad words, naughty me!

    Thats right folks, that's gonna suck bigtime...



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