Monday, March 05, 2007

It's a holi-holi-day!

Public holiday today!!! It's Labour Day in WA.

Just woke up not long ago at 10am... to do laundry... haven't slept in this late in such a loooong time. But it's mainly because we really had a full on day yesterday, play play play the whole day.

Our church has crossed over into a new era. We have moved to a bigger hall that can seat double the capacity. And yesterday was Freshies Welcome which happens at the start of every semester. So hubby and I volunteered to help out in the ushering team as they were shorthanded. We were there since 8am helping out with the preparations and all.

By the time we finished cleaning up, packing up and everything, it was already 2.30pm and Happy Meals was closed. So we had lunch at Good One BBQ... I had chilli pepper pork and rice, not bad! And then we adjourned for ice cream at Baskin & Robbins. Sooooo sinful.

By the time we got home, it was already past 4pm. We barely had enough time to catch our breath, change before we were off to Ter's house for the Poker Champion Hunt!

Eu Lynn cooked SO MUCH FOOD!!! I tell you I was so full I was just too stoned to do anything else. But it was good... some people have such natural flair with cooking.

Hubby played a few rounds of poker, then we had to leave to go for supper with some of our cell members at Northbridge. So hubby just did an "all in" and pushed all his chips forward on the table so he can donate his chips to the next winner. Good thing he didn't win, otherwise he might be probably hooked and spend the whole night there with a beer in hand, flicking his chips. Anyway, the guys were quite terrible because they still wanted to force him to drink a spoon of si-yao as punishment for walking out of the game... hahaha, but it's alright lar...

Northbridge was pretty crowded that night. We ate at Hawker's Cuisine in Chinatown. I was sooo full I couldn't really eat anything, but I ordered this "Three Layer's Milk Tea with Gula Melaka"... rather disappointing, could hardly taste the gula melaka... oh well, but we had a good time talking all sorts of crap as usual...

After everything, I think we finally got home at 2pm... yaaaa, definitely tired... but it's a public holiday the next day anyway *grin*

Back to work again tomorrow, but let's not spoil the day with sad thoughts.

Tata... off to have some brekkie!

I have some pandan mantao....mmmmmm.... pandan is my favouritest mantao flavour!

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