Friday, March 30, 2007

Investment tip: Let someone else pay your mortgage

Do you recall that we recently bought our first Australian investment property

Anyway good news... we found a tenant!!! At least our agent found the tenant... anyway, we have a tenant!

Really praise God... and it happened so quickly with minimal fuss or delay. The agent advertised it on the net last week, we had one home viewing last Saturday... and immediately received 2 applications.

One was an elderly couple who just moved to Perth from Melbourne

The other was a bunch of 3 girls with a dog, a cat and a kitten

Obviously we would prefer the elderly couple, but at first they only wanted 6 months lease, we prefer 12 months. So we asked the agent to discuss with them again and get them to consider 12 months. So they agreed!!! And at the price we wanted too without having to negotiate at all.

That takes quite a load off our minds because these tenants will be helping us to pay a good part of our mortgage off each month.

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