Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dumpling Madness

I made a batch of minced pork and prawns the other day and went mad with dumpling making...

My first dumpling batch was Japanese Gyoza... I wrapped the meat in Gyoza skins and pan fried them, they look similar to Chinese Sui Jiao. Mmmmm, so yummy! We ate them so fast that I forgot to take photos.

photo courtesy of

The next batch of dumplings were the familiar Chinese Wantans...

One batch of them was pan fried and served crispy like this... dip in some mayonaise - oooohhhh... heavenly!

The rest of them I boiled like this...

And served them with mee suah...

I lurve dumplings... and I also lurve mee suah... mee suah is one of my favouritest comfort food... so my tummy feels quite satisfied tonight and I feel quite happy, thankyouverymuchie.

*breathing huge sigh of satisfaction*

*pat tummy*

*happy burp*

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