Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crazy woman's mood swings

Today I lost my temper at hubby... which was not very good...

You see he had uninstalled my Nokia PC Suite on the computer, so now I can't upload e-books to read on my mobile phone... soooo sian! I pinged him on MSN to tell him off, which was not very tactful or considerate of me.

I felt quite bad about it afterwards... hubby was very nice, he didn't mention it or act grumpy when he came home from work. I tried to make it up to him by making his favourite veggie dish - spinach fried with garlic (it turned out very nice!)

Later on in the car while we were on the way to YA Combined Cell, I meekly apologised for losing my temper. He was very sweet and didn't lecture (like he sometimes does).

I don't know what's happening with me these days... I seem to be losing my temper and getting mood-swingy so easily. Yesterday I lost my temper when we were discussing some accounting stuff for our cafe business in Singapore - he was so pedantic about it that I just lost it at one point. The day before I also lost my temper over some questions hubby was asking about some property investment.

These mood swings better not become a bad habit with me... don't want to end up like some crazy woman who drives her whole family crazy with erratic moods.


  1. woohoo...working now...see how much effort i put in just so i can give my 2 cents

  2. amazing...i can do this all day...and still not get bored posting up think your "word verification" would be a put!!!

  3. particular post must be pretty popular to have 4're an official minor celebrity...!!

  4. oh look...5 comments and counting...gee whiz...!!!

  5. anyway...i not an expert on the issues of marraige...but this is what i like to call the classical case of a 'power shift'...this is where the wife starts to assert her authority over the husband...and the husband cease to put up a decent fight, simply because he couldn't be bothered anymore....hahahahahhahahah...just kidding...yeah...what are you gonno do about it? Loose your temper? heeheehee...Sorry, couldn't resist...anyway...i'm satisfied...i left my mark...!!

  6. hahaha! thanks for boosting my popularity! you are one fan who's worth a million! *wink* eiseh...


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