Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brief mental escape

Feeling complete stoned tonight... long day at work, not to mention long week as well... didn't get home until almost 8pm, so no time to cook dinner - we drove through Hungry Jacks to grab a couple of Bacon Deluxe burgers (I am such a bad wife!)

The whole trip home, my brain was in 'hibernate' mode... I was basically staring into open space in a blank the whole time.

Then for a brief moment, an image flicked across my mind - me on my red bicycle, brothers on theirs, cycling up and down the lorong outside our house... a couple of neighbourhood kids running up to join us... my little 'Snowball' at my heels happily sniffing around...

It was a clear mental snapshot - no idea why it suddenly appeared in my mind. Maybe for a moment I was feeling so miserable about all the endless responsibilities, workload, burdens (not that I'm doing that great in juggling them all) that I tried to escape just for a moment, if only my memories.

But less than a split second later, I was back where I was... with the numerous tasks and responsibilities crowding in once again...

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  1. don't try to be a 'super wife'or you'll burn yourself out. marriage is a shared responsiblity. Burger = bad wife ? Crap !!


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