Sunday, March 18, 2007

After work drinks

On Friday after work, the whole team at my office headed down to Rigby's for farewell drinks for one of my colleagues who was leaving.

This is a quick peek at what the scene at our table was like...

Just your regular beer and some white wine. Overall the session wasn't really unpleasant... but all throughout the session my mind kept wandering off to other things I would rather be doing... like cooking a really nice dinner (the food at Rigby's was horrible), lazing in front of the TV, or spending time in the company of my own friends...

At one point I was starting to feel really sien because I thought much what was happening was really a waste of time... waiting for people to finish work and shut down computers, waiting to get a table, waiting for people to arrive, waiting for drinks, waiting for food, and the meaningless small talk on things that don't really matter to me.

I don't think my feeling of sien-ness showed very much... hubby says I am a champion at talking dead things to life... so I rambled on and joined in the nonsense at the table... but I distinctly felt that I was definitely losing my edge in this skill... I lose my talking stamina more quickly and struggle to think of things to talk about more often. Maybe it's the different cultural setting? After all there is only so much I can talk about cricket and it's definitely one of the top favourite topic among Aussies here (something to look into perhaps?)

I didn't want to be the first to leave, so I took the cue to leave about 20 minutes after one colleague headed off... and as I stood up to go, another colleague took my cue and took his leave together with me...

Maybe I'm not the only one who feels this way about office socials. Then why do we let ourselves go through this anyway?

P.S. Another thing that just popped to my head about why I don't like socialising in pubs or pubs... I just find it so exhausting to talk loudly over the din to make yourself heard. Aussie pubs are not so bad compared to the club scene which was a favourite after office social spot when I was working in Singapore... maybe I'm just one of those that simply "don't get it". I wouldn't call myself a homebody that never goes out... because I've been there and done all that already. So is this just considered "square" or just getting old?

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