Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ranting about work (again)

What a loooong day it's been...

I was up since 5.45am to catch an early bus and get to work BEFORE 7.00am... that's right, you heard right... I arrive at work around 6.45am and I should be arriving earlier except that there's no bus that comes even that early.

Am I insane, you ask... no, I'm merely trying to earn an honest living. Our boss hooked in this ginormous project covering the US market, which means we need to make calls to the US... which means accomodating the time difference for both sides of the world... which means waking up at a God forsaken hour to make these calls! Oopsie, that was uncalled for, no hour is ever God forsaken, but there are times when it certainly FEELS that way.

This project is turning into a nightmare... sometimes I think that we've really bitten off more than we can chew... I'm not sure how much more of this I can take...

At the start my boss assured me that I don't really have to go in early to do the calls... we'll hire some temps to come in early to do the calls. But as far as I can see, I definitely have to come in early for a while because there's just so much to handle.

Sigh... the things we do to earn a living.

I should be tearing my hair out because this is only ONE of the projects I'm getting swamped over. I'm tempted to think that this is a deliberate sabotage by my boss to see how much I can take before I give in. I suspect that he thinks I''m not very motivated because I don't work late a lot.

But can I help it? I've had enough of it in Singapore... work and career is no longer my main motivation in life. I have a feeling that I'm becoming a bit soft... losing my edge...

But I'm determined NOT to let work rule my life. Life is more than work.

I need to stop complaining.

I'll just take a deep breath... brush my teeth and go to bed. Need to wake up early tomorrow.

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