Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lonely? Not quite...

Hubby left for Sydney yesterday morning for his company's kick-off... and he won't be back until Sunday evening.... Waaaaaargh!
Anyway, looks like I won't have much time to feel lonely...
Last night was our cell's Valentine's Day dinner, girls bring food, guys bring pressies. So this Valentine's day gift is an anonymous one - I got some chocolate and a book on PRAYER! There were lots of other nice pressies... perfume, Body Shop pack, teddy bears, and lots and lots of chocolate.
For the dinner I made black cherry rice pudding... inspired by Jamie Oliver... it didn't turn out exactly as pretty as Jamie's one... but everyone said it was nice... except for Roy who said it LOOKED yucky but tasted nice... but I don't think he actually tasted it himself... terrible fellar...
So tonight, I'll need to get some groceries... mainly MILK - because we are complete out... and EGGS - because nobody can ever have enough eggs to eat.
Then on Saturday need to get stuff for MAMAK NITE... Eu Lynn and I are setting up a nasi lemak stall... so exciting! yum yum...
So although I am missing dear hubby, its good that I've got stuff to occupy me so I don't crumble to pieces without him (not that I would anyway)

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