Saturday, February 24, 2007


Hubby's lil' bro left Perth yesterday.

He was here for just five days. Yes, I know, I know... it's a very short trip. But I believe he enjoyed almost every minute of it.

Here are some of the things he found very intriguing while he was here:

01. How totally blue the sky is
02. How there is so much open space around
03. How wide the roads are
04. Freeway speed limits being over 100 kmph
05. Albany Hwy and Leach Hwy speed limit of only 70 kmph
06. How many houses here don't have fences and gates in front
07. How many houses here have garages
08. How small $2 coins are
09. How we managed to get an '888' car plate no. without paying a fortune
10. How cheap cars are here
11. How there almost no traffic jams
12. How bright and glaring the sun is
13. How yummy chilli mussels are
14. How delicious the melt-in-your-mouth Freo fish & chips are

The list goes on...

It was quite entertaining having him around as a guest.

He picked up a few new life skills too... like washing dishes and hanging up laundry...

And exposed him to the world of gambling (at Burswood Casino) and alcohol (Bacardi Breezer)

Aren't we such nice hosts, even if we are guilty of corrupting an innocent young man just a little

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