Thursday, February 01, 2007

Controversial restaurant?

Today I finished work late - 7.00pm... rushing a report out that needs to be sent out first thing tomorrow morning...

It's been a hard day, didn't even have time to eat lunch... good thing I ate a big breakfast of spaghetti bolonaise (leftover from last night).

I just didn't have the energy to cook up dinner tonight, so we decided to try out this new place in East Vic Park - Puteri Nasi Kandar owned by Malaysia PM's brother... let's see what the fuss is all about...

Not a very flashy place at first glance... but clean and pleasant...

We decided to try their EXTREMELY PINK air bandung...

I ordered Nasi Kandar with beef rendang...

Hubby ordered Nasi Lemak with chicken curry and beef rendang...

A pretty ordinary restaurant... interestingly, there were posters promoting Malaysia Airlines all over the place (wonder what's the connection?)

And of course a picture of our beloved PM with a plaque of the officiating ceremony displayed prominently for all to see.

Next thing to check out would be where Badawi's rumoured US$5 million house in Perth is located. I'll keep you guys posted if we find anything.

Speaking of houses, we are also on the hunt for a house of our own... not quite up to the US$5 million mark... maybe next time eh? We've put in an offer for one of the houses we liked, waiting to hear from the owner. Will let you know how it goes okay?



  1. The pics are making my mouth water. How was the food?

  2. food could be better, but not bad just try at least once


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