Tuesday, February 27, 2007

At Freo with hubby & B.I.L.

The Yau bros

Strolling down the pier at Fremantle - B.I.L. is holding on to his precious stash of fish&chips which he tarpau-ed from Cicerellos

Exploring streets of Freo and marveling at historic pieces

Once again I have failed to take photos of the food, i.e. Cicerello fish&chips... I always do that! I get so excited about the food that Iforget completely about capturing the moment on camera... oh well, hopefully I'll remember next time... or you people can come visit me here and I'll bring you down to Fremantle to enjoy the fish&chips and let you worry about taking the photos instead *grin*


  1. The background lanscape is very familiar !

  2. Hmm.... i still find Fremantle's Fish and Chips the best ever. By the way, you noffice looks even better than dad's 'upgraded' office!!


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