Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who says Perth is boring?

Sooo… what adventures have been keeping us occupied this past week?

Here is a summary…

1. Cell group thanksgiving – great to hear all the wonderful testimonies of how people experienced God's goodness and grace over the past year

2. Hearing the surprising news that our dentist friend (who's here from Singapore on holiday) is expecting his first child next month! Strange of him to be so secretive about it all this while… he was so mysterious about why his wife didn't join him for this Perth holiday… we practically had to force the news out of him!

3. CRABBING!!! Hubby's first crabbing experience – I didn't go because I was spending the afternoon with Diana who's expecting her second anytime soon… the 6 guys only managed a measly catch of 14 crabs, and we had 13 people eating (5 other girls dropped in for dinner)… so sad that we only caught so few crabs, we must be exhausting the supply… we used to be able to catch at least 4-5 per person! Actually hubby caught at least 5, but 4 of them were undersized and had to be thrown back… the crab was good though! We cooked it Singapore chilli crab style… I had 2 crabs because hubby didn't want his (*grin*)

4. Receiving a call at 1am on a Monday morning to send Diana to the hospital… her water broke and Ronald had to stay at home to look after Christopher.. so exciting! Hubby was tempted to speed because the situation seemed so "kanchiong"… but she was alright… 11 hours later, the baby was out in just 10 minutes!

5. Setting our goals and resolutions for the new year

6. Looking around at an endless list of properties to buy – very tiring and confusing, and sometimes disheartening as we scroll through prices that are skyrocketing

It's been less than 2 weeks since we came back to Perth, but with so much happening, it feels like we've been back for ages…

Who says Perth is boring?

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