Thursday, January 25, 2007

Survey with a terrorist

Guess what? I have been appointed as the fire warden for my office.

Hubby reckons that I've been tricked into doing it because he thinks this is the role nobody ever wants.

But I thought it would be interesting to get behind the scenes and since this is a small company, there's not much really I need to do, so why not?

Anyway, today was my first fire warden training.

The trainer was this senior English gentleman who used to work as a fire fighter in England in his younger days.

The training was pretty straightforward... most of it is common sense... evacuation procedures, who to report to, the location we need to evacuate to etc. etc. etc.

Then we moved onto another topic: Bomb Threats... hmmm... this could be interesting...

"In case of a telephone bomb threat, you should keep one of this questionaire cards next to your phone... when you receive a such a call, you should go through this questionaire and cover as many questions as possible..."

I stifled a laughter... but a definite snigger escaped me... all eyes turned to me, some of the people there smiled...

You can't blame me, just look the questions in this "Bomb Threat Questionaire":

1. When is the Bomb going to explode?
2. Where did you put the Bomb?
3. When did you put it there?
4. What does the Bomb look like?
5. What Kind of Bomb is it?
6. What will make the Bomb explode?
7. Did you place the Bomb?
8. Why did you place the Bomb?
9. What is your name?
10. Where are you?
11. What is your address?

The trainer also smiled and added "If you can get through all 11 questions, it will be apparent that you will have a bright future as a telemarketer"

Laughter all around.

"Although most telephone bomb threats usually turn out to be hoaxes, you should still take them seriously and not simply disregard them"

He then told a story of a lady who had received a telehone bomb threat and her immediate response to the caller was "F*** off!!! Get a life" and hung up the phone.

More laughter.


  1. Hey, that puts you in a powerful position - you can now order everyone to get down on their knees and crawl out of the building. Paul was about five when he watched a TV doccumentary on "In Case Of Fire...." outlining what the occupants of a house should do should a fire break out. After the documentary, he gave us a lecture on what do do and then made all of us go through the routine. So mum, dad, siblings had to cover their mouth with handkerchieves, and crawled from bedroom, out, down the stairs....

  2. I definitely remember that family fire drill we had... we were so hilarious!


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