Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Post-it love notes

Yesterday was our second anniversary... seems like a lot has happened in just the last two years since we got married. Time just flies by so quickly. I still feel like we just got married not long ago (as if it was just less than a year ago).

Hopefully, our marriage will always remain this fresh!

The first thing that greeted my eyes when I went to the bathroom was this...

How sweet!

The I reached over to grab my toothbrush and then I found this...

So cute!

Then when I went to disarm the house alarm, there was another one...

On the TV...

I was running all over the house looking for more little post-its...

So fun! It's like an Easter-egg hunt, but with post-its.

I found nine post-its altogether...

I thought nine was quite a funny number, until later at work when I opened my purse...

Too mushy?

But I like it.

My colleagues and friends at the marriage enrichment class were very impressed with hubby.

I was very impressed too!


  1. That is too cute! He sounds like a good man.

  2. Mmmm...... my hubby can learn a thing or two from these lovebirds.. well, at least he's laughing as I am penning this.

  3. this post is sooooo old, yet so .... sweet.....


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