Saturday, December 16, 2006

Party Party Party

Yesterday was a big day of Christmas party party party!

Worked half day until noon on Friday.

After that, my colleagues and I all headed down to O'connor for Indoor Go-Karting for our company Christmas celebration... something different from the typical Christmas sit-down luncheon or dinner...

Waiting for the bus...

Me in between the two office clowns...

GT holding up our lunches

All geared up and ready to rumble!

Wanted to show you what the racing track looked like, but MFS's head was in the way (btw that's a hairnet which MFS is wearing "for hygiene purposes only okay!!!")

Driver's podium

Unfortunately I didn't win first prize... but I won an award for being "The Most Improved Driver"... we played 3 rounds and my average speed in the final round was over 40% faster compared to my first round! Cheongster baby!

After the Go-Karting, we proceeded on to my boss's house... a very nice house with a classic built. We sat around in his patio sipping Champagne and Pimms cocktails.

And four of us were presented with special awards for the Go-Karting:

1. Best Improvement
2. Worst Improvement
3. Most Consistent Driving
4. Most Dangerous Driving

For having the "Best Improvement" I won this bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne... not bad eh?

I left earlier at 5pm and headed home to get ready for my next social... hubby's annual company Christmas dinner at Burswood.... oooohhhh, classy!

We didn't take any photos that night, but there was a photographer going around that night taking photos. She took one of us as well. So if I come across our photo in one of those Perth Social Columns, I'll be sure to post them up.

The place was beautifully decorated with very lovely table setting. The food was exquisite - we had two entrees, seafood and chicken, a beef main course... and I was very much looking forward to the dessert, passionfruit explosion and chocolate creme brulee. But this was where the bad thing about the event comes in... the timing for each course was spaced too long for my liking... over an hour in between! Our main course was only served at 9.45pm and I had no patience to wait for dessert... was too tired already.

So we headed home at 10.30pm (dessert would probably not be served until 11pm)

I took comfort in the fact that each of us could take a home a goodie bag with this... hehehehe...

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