Thursday, December 14, 2006

Learn how to doodle

This week is going by so quickly.

The bulk of Wednesday was spent on a training session about "How to Run Effective Meetings"

(Courtesy of paperplane)

It turned out to be better than expected... and dare I even say... FUN!

The primary thing we were learning was to conduct PowerPoint-less meetings... we've all had more than our fair share of endless decks of PowerPoint slides.

And instead, focus on using Graphic Facilitation tools

We even practiced some of our artistic skills which were necessary to tools to conduct meetings using this 'Graphic' method...

Haha... after 4 hours of training... this bunch of colourful doodles is all we can show?

No lar... we learnt much more than that... I'll post more photos of from our training session (hopefully) soon when our trainer sends it to us.

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