Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Christopher!

Yesterday night, hubby went to a birthday party... a two-year-old kid's birthday party...

This is little Christopher

Actually it turned out that Christopher was the only kid at his own birthday party (unless you count the other ten childish adults there!)

So we ended up being his playmates... he was very excited about the balloons...

(very hard to capture kids on camera, they move around so fast)

Hubby and Christopher

He really really liked those balloons

After dinner it's cake time!

(notice that it's also very difficult to get kids to look at the camera... all night it was "look here Christopher!" "Yoohoo! Here, here!" *whistle* *clap* "snap fingers*)

Again more unsuccessful attempts to get Christopher to look at the camera... sigh... close enough lar

So who's birthday is it actually?

"It's my birthday, not yours lar jie jie!"

The poor kid can't even enjoy his own presents

"Wow... kid's toys are so fascinating... I also want one"

"Finally, some peace and quiet so I can explore my creativity"


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