Thursday, December 14, 2006


My handyman hubby with his trusty power drill finally managed to put everything together... and so I finally feel ready to display photos of our home...

Our couch and ottoman which we got at a fantastic deal from Myer. This item didn't need any assembly, but I just couldn't bear to take any photos of it until the rest of the furniture was up

Another angle of the living room... our $50 TV is sitting on a hubby-assembled TV bench.

I really like this shelf (also assembled by hubby) and besides being very functional, I think it also adds a nice touch to our green wall

Dining table and chairs (yup, assembled by hubby) in our sunny dining area... I like the purple wall too!

Bed frame... I like the matching side tables which are attached to the bed... hubby-assembled, with assistance from his sidekick - me!

Just a quick snapshot of our bathroom so you have a rough idea what it looks like

I'll be adding bits and pieces of loving and homey touches over time.... like cushions and trinkets... but even now it already feels nice :)

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