Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Chill

Yesterday was our Young Adults Christmas Chill party. It was held at one of our church member's house in Peppermint Grove: the most expensive suburb in Perth... and their house actually won the "Best House of the Year Award" 2 years ago!

I was in charge of the Christmas Carols that night. So I prepared these colourful carol booklets...

Hubby and I feeling trigger-happy

Little Christopher was also there and he couldn't resist jumping into the beautiful heated pool

Father and son moment


Telling the Christmas story

The yummy spread

Ooooohhhh.... dessert!

Christmas trifle!

Our cell group

YWAM friends, they're based in Perth as teachers at YWAM Discipleship Training School

Nellianne is from Puerto Rico, Tim is from California... and they've been married just 2 years (like us) and their wedding anniversary is just a week apart from ours

More friends...

David from Singapore, Inez from Tawau... just celebrated their 1 year anniversary in October

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