Thursday, November 23, 2006

Testing my managerial skills

For the past few days, I've been "supporting" this new collaboration project: codenamed Project Vanilla.

The new Junior Analyst (who joined us just over a week ago) has been assigned to do most of the groundwork... and I was asked to "support" and "guide" him along.

I tried not to spend too much time on it since it's not actually MY project. I prefer to concentrate on my own Project Fission, which I am directly managing myself. The client LOVED what I had worked on so far for Fission, so I was happily cruising along my own highway driving my own project along with minimal interruption.

We sent out the Vanilla call guide to the client on Wed night for the client's perusal. New Analyst breaths a sigh of relief. Cross fingers that he did an reasonably okay job.

Then this morning, I opened my Outlook to be greeted by a flood of emails... each subject title beginning with "Project Vanilla: something"... What on earth could have happened in the last 12 hours???

I sifted through the emails quickly... all from the client... "We are not 100% convinced that this going in the direction to meet our requirements"

(What on earth???...)

I left my manager's email till last. He was on leave for the rest of the week and left me with this message, "Serene, can you drive Project Vanilla and work with the client to get this done by this week, get (Junior Analyst) to support you and prioritise this for now"

Looks like I'm in for a long day...

The Junior Analyst is a bit blur. Somewhat easily "excited". I took a step back and tried to guide him without going down and just putting my oar in. Must give him chance mar...

Walau... but really need to handhold him man...

Every little thing must tell him. After tell him, he will be like "Okay, Okay, I understand", very excitedly and enthusiastically. Fantastic. "So I will check with you in an hour and see how you are doing, okay?"

One hour later... errrrmmm... (silently thinking) What on earth are you trying to do here?

At least he's trying lar.


I suspect this is a ploy by my manager to test my mangerial and leadership skills. So my reputation hangs in the balance over the success of this Project Vanilla call guide.


Okay, no need to kanchiong... hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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