Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So clever!

I am so clever. Because I can find such a clever hubby.

Yesterday we went on another bargain hunting spree and brought back a TV ($50) and an IKEA side table ($8).

It was quite funny. You see we went to this student's house to look at some of the things she was selling off before she left to go back after her studies. We were eyeing a TV she had for sale at $140. I tried to bargain down to $100 but she was reluctant to drop the price. As we chatted, we noticed another TV sitting in the living room. The girl told us that it was her friend's TV and that he might be selling it too. So we got the friend out of his room and asked him about the TV. How much? $50! We glanced at the girl. She was grinning sheepishly... aiyah, spoil market only lar.

So we agreed to take the $50 TV.

The girl asked me if there was anything else she had that I wanted. I said I was looking at her IKEA side table which she wanted to sell for $15 (original price at IKEA was $29). I cocked my head and tried to look very thoughtful, "I think the most I would pay is around $5", I remarked casually... she immediately exclaimed "$5!!! That's a bit too cheap lar... ok, ok, I give you half price for $8, how?"... "Done!".

Before we took the TV home we tested it. Some of the channels had a lot of noise and were very buzzy. "Our place here got bad reception lar... it's really ok one", said the seller.

Back home after having our dinner at Makan-Makan cafe, we hooked up the TV to test it. Hubby had to tune the channels to get the right reception. We kept trying but somehow some of the channels were still noisy and buzzy.

I was starting to get worried that we had been cheated... and I considered giving the guy a call back to return his TV... or would we be forced to write it off as a bad buy?

But hubby, being the problem-solver that he is, was determined to find the solution. He went through the different options one by one until... "Ahah! See here, there are different systems you need to look at for each channel, you need to select the right system, most TV's do it for you automatically but some older ones require you to do it manually, you see?"

I breathed a sigh of relief. So glad I have such a clever hubby. Who else would have been able to figure it out? Aren't I so clever to find such a clever hubby?

Anyway... Yeah!!! We got TV!!!

Now can watch cartoons in the morning as I get ready for work... hehehehe...

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