Saturday, November 11, 2006

My first police station experience

I might have forgotten to mention it before, but during the first week that hubby was here, we rented a car to go around doing house-hunting, car-shopping and various errands before we both started work...

Okay... story time again...

During that week, we encountered a teeny tiny car-kiss. An opposite neighbour (who was apparently very absent-minded) backed out of his driveaway all the way to our side of the road and made a little dent in the bumper of our rented car which was parked there. The neighbour's car didn't even have a scratch (it was a Hyundai vs. Toyota... easy to guess which milo-tin car got the dent).

(PAUSE: Now I know some of you might be thinking "alamak how come can like dat one?" well, there was really no way we could have prevented this. Our car was parked in a LEGAL position. It was COMPLETELY stationary. And only a blind and lower-intelligent being could have reversed in this very illogical manner to cause this)

PLAY and continue story...

The absent-minded neighbour was very apologetic and was willing to reimburse us for everything. So we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to contact him once we sorted it out with the car rental company.

Anyway, the car rental company INSISTED that we need to make a full police report... so we did.

This is is my FIRST real police report experience... so I knew I was in for an interesting time.

This is the police station at Kensington

The police woman on duty looked at us incredulous as we explained the case to her...

"We only take in police reports for damages over $1,000 and this is hardly anywhere near that"

"It's for a car rental company" we said meekly

"Oh. That explains it. They are very pendantic about these things" *rolls eyes*

She gaves us a bunch of forms to here and it was out turn to look at her incredulously.

I found the situation we were in so amusing I couldn't stop laughing. See... even hubby was amused...

Ok, time to get serious liao... fill in form proper-proper... don't pray-pray ok!

Wah... have to draw diagram some more... *giggle giggle*

I was supposed to help to draw the diagram because my drawing skills are supposed to be better... but I was giggling too much... plus I had no idea of the North-South-East-West bearings to draw an accurate picture... so this is hubby's work of art, not mine.

Well, the end of the story is, we filed the report, settled the case with the car rental company and contacted the neighbour to pay for the damages.

Moral of the story is:

#1 It doesn't matter what you do to prevent car accidents... if there are stupid people around, you just have to deal with it (hubby may disagree with this or have something to add, but that's his business and he can get his own blog to rant)

#2 It's very important to polish up your drawing skills for unexpected siutations (e.g. filing a police report)

The End

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