Monday, November 20, 2006

Lunch date

Today hubby and I went to work together.

Hubby had to go over to the client's office today to do some work on a system his company had designed for this client. The client's office was directly opposite my building.

We decided not to drive because finding parking in the city would be next to impossible unless you are willing to pay through your nose at close to $20 per day... Anyway it was very convenient to take the bus because the bus stop was very near our house and it dropped us off very near my office.

Anyway, we had a teeny tiny flare up because I didn't check the bus time properly. We were catching the bus at a different bus stop from my usual stop and so I wasn't familiar with the bus times there.... yah, yah, my fault lar I admit...

Well, in the end we managed to catch the bus and reach BOTH our offices right on time.

Despite the little flare up this morning... I was quite happy because this would be the first time we could meet up for lunch on a working day.

I took hubby to Taka... cheap Jap food in the city... unfortunately this happened to be the day that Taka had decided to raise prices by 50cents... sigh... but still quite cheap lar - $5.00 for a don set, and they let you have free tea.

So nice to get a chance to meet up for lunchie...

Hubby was supposed to be assigned to work at the client's office for 2 days... but him being so efficient, he finished all the work today. So tomorrow he'll be going back to his regular office in Ardross.


Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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