Monday, November 27, 2006

"The Lost Coin" (continuation of the Amazing 6race story...)

Okay, I'd better finish up this tory before it becomes too stale.... or before my readers all die from the suspense (whichever comes first)

We arrived at the Final Destination at around 3.40pm. Each team had to complete 3 tasks to finish the race.

(1) Build a sandcastle in exact replica of a picture we were given (points awarded for accuracy and creativity)

(2) Balance an orange with four strings held between all four team members

(3) Complete a five-legged race - with all four team members' legs tied together

After receiving instructions, we raced down to the beach at Heathcote ready to build a sandcastle.

Not wanting to get my rings dirty, I handed them to hubby so he could keep all FOUR rings (including his own ring) in his pocket.

We had 10 minutes to finish building the sandcastle. I must say, without any tools, we did a pretty good job on accuracy...

Then we all got up and walked a few feet up the beach for our next task... The Orange Balance.

I reached into hubby's pocket and pulled out the rings... but... there were not four rings, but only three.... where was my engagement ring?

I looked frantically around me, but all I could see was sand.

"I've lost my ring!"

"Where? How?", a number of concerned people came running up

A number of people, including our team mates, knelt down and began combing the sand to look for it.

I was frantic and worried... how could I lose something like this...

Over the next hour or more, we tried everything we could think of... more people came until there was almost 15-20 people together helping us to look.

We retraced our steps as precisely as possible... we formed a circle and prayed... we divided up the area into different sections to search in a more organised manner... we formed a line and walk across the area combing the sand for anything that was remotely shiny...

Still, nothing.

After 5pm, hubby and I decided to call off the search. We had searched the area repeatedly already but this was going nowhere.

As I looked around me, I realised that these people were true friends. While the bulk of the participants were back there partying, enjoying the barbecue and celebrating together... these 15 or so people were here with us in the hot sun, emphatising with us, really getting their hands dirty with us, praying with us...

I was so surprised and touched that we were surrounded by such kindness and friendship. So could I have lost this seemingly valuable trinket, to gain the realisation of the immeasurable value of true friendship?

It was a bittersweet moment for me.

We trudged back to the rest of the group and I tried to put the dissapointment and sadness behind me, enjoy the food and join in the merriment and conversation.

But what should I do now?

What if... just what if... I really never find my ring?

I know this is a small thing compared to countless other terrible losses and worse disapointments around the world. But this is something that is very close to my heart. Besides being a valuable gift from my hubby, it was something I wanted to pass on to my daughter as a legacy. That's why it matters so much to me.

(I'm truly beginning to understand how the woman in the parable of the Lost Coin must have felt like...)

Doesn't God see how sad my heart is?

Can I still say that God is good?

Sigh. Even though I don't feel it right now. But the fact still remains that God is good...

And if I never find this ring on earth, when I get to heaven, I will be sure to ask God about it.

Hubby was very sweet aftewards too, "I know that this ring meant a lot to you. But I still love you okay? And although we can never replace this ring, I will still get you another one"

Tell me how not to melt your heart?

P.S. As I glanced briefly through some of the paragraphs I wrote, it almost sounds like I have lost a child. Perhaps I sound very materialistic. Let me reiterate again that it's not the actual dollar value of the ring that matters, but the significance of the ring itself. I know losing a ring can never compare to the loss of a child. But I guess this is one of those things that you can only "get" if the story clicks in the right place for you (such as having a similar personal experience)

So is this the end? Or is there more to the story...

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