Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lost.... (and found?)

Okay, this should be the final instalment of my Amazing 6race cum Lost Coin saga...

Now where was I?

Oh yes... the ring... I lost it in the sand... SAND okay??? If it was in the garden, in some grass or bushes then maybe it wouldn't be so bad... but SAND!!! Soft, shifty, sinky SAND!!!

I arrived home feeling very dejected, hopeless and helpless.

But even so, I just couldn't sit around doing nothing... there must be something I can do... even though the situation is completely hopeless... I must keep trying to do SOMETHING... at least it's better than moping around, feeling sulky and sorry for myself - that wouldn't be a good atmosphere at all but simply add salt to the wound.

So I started looking through the Yellow Pages and surfing on the Internet, hoping to stumble across some solution, any possible solution.

Someone mentioned a metal detector in jest as we were searching in the sand earlier. Where on earth does one find a metal detector? And how much would it cost? What if it turns out to be impossibly expensive - plus there may be no guarantee that we might find the ring even if we had one. Well, at least I should check it out so at least I can know whether I should eliminate the option and move on.

Let's see what we can find in the Yellow Pages... D.... Detector? Detection? Leak Detection Services? Hmmm... doesn't sound likely, but I'll give them a call anyway, good thing they listed their after hours mobile number.

Rang them up, told them my story. The fellow was very sympathetic but unfortunately he couldn't help me. Their equipment will not be able to pick up something as tiny as a ring. Maybe try ringing up some gold mining or prospecting companies and possibly offer them something to borrow their equipment? It's unlikely they can do that, but that's the only suggestion they could think of. Sigh. Oh well, thanks anyway matey.

What else? What else? Let's look on the Internet... how about "Detect" + "Lost", and let's get specific and add "Ring" as well. Maybe good ol' Google will be of some help here.

As I scanned the search results, I came across this: foundit.com.au

Sounds promising... let's have a look... WOW!!! This is exactly what I need!!! This guy is a professinal "Finder"... He can find ANYTHING! Jackpot!!!

But then, aiyah... he's based in Sydney... hmmm... I'm at the end of my rope here. Let's give him a call anyway. Maybe he can refer me to someone in Perth. Or if I have to fly him over to Perth, at least I should find out how much it cost so I can at least CONSIDER the option if I need to.

Rang the guy up. His name is Brenton. And he was a terrific guy. (I'm not paid to do this okay?). But he was really helpful. He did not insist that I use his services although he said there was no one else in Australia who offers this kind of services. He gave me practical steps on what we could do next. And told me the cost if in the end we wanted to use his services as a last option.

There seemed to be a tiny flicker of hope. But the situation still seemed pretty grim. It was getting late. Although the last thing on my mind was sleep, I simply tried to release the situation to God and we decided to take action on Brenton's suggestion tomorrow.

First thing on Sunday morning. We went out to Kennards to hire a METAL DETECTOR! Who would have guessed that you can hire such a high tech piece of equipment from Kennards! And on a Sunday too! (Thanks, Brenton) And you know how much? $40 for 4 hours!!! Phew... I guess that's not too bad... it makes it a little more bearable if in the end we don't find my ring.

So 7.30am early that morning, hubby and I were back at Heathcote beach... drawing out boundaries around the area that we were certain that we lost the ring. We took turns to scan the area with the metal detector (but hubby did most of it). back and forth... left and right...


Is it possible? Let's dig and find out... cheh, only an old rusted bottle cap...

Back to scanning... up and down... left and right...


Yes? Nope... another false alarm...

This went on for over the next 2 hours... the sun was getting hot (yes we did put on sunscreen... SPF30 wide spectrum some more)

Getting tired.

And discouraged.

Hope slowly ebbing away.


Just try again, Serene...

I knelt down and scooped the soft sand in my hands and let the sand sift through my fingers slowly... once again nothing... sigh. As I looked at the pile of sand before me, and the zillions of tiny grains there... and the even greater multitude of sand around me, I started to feel a greater sense of hopelessness...

"Lord, look at this sand... there's just simply too much, it's uncountable... you say you know the number of grains of sand not only in this place but in the whole world... if anyone knows which grains of sand hold my ring, only you would know"

At that moment there was another *BEEP BEEP*

Probably another false alarm, but let's have a look.

I knelt down again and scooped up another handful of sand, letting it sift through my fingers. And then......

"What's that there?" said hubby, a growing excitement in his voice

I caught sight of a tiny glint as the sand continued to sift through my fingers.

I let a squeal of excitement.

"My ring! Is it really true? This is so amazing! It's a miracle!!!"

What was lost has now been found!

Oh the joy!

I was so thankful and happy... I wanted to tell everyone the news!

The first people we told was this old couple sitting on a nearby bench.

"Found something?"

"Yes! It's my engagement ring! I lost it yesterday but we just found it"

"How amazing! We should go and buy a Lotto now"

Can you picture how happy I was? All throughout the day I was repeating the story again and again to different people. Telling them the joyful news!

This is a true story.

I hope you get it.

And every good story has inherent lessons... I think this is a good story... so what should we have learnt?

Firstly, believe in the power of prayer. God truly cares about our prayers no matter how insignificant it seems. And even if prayer doesn't change the situation itself... it may be that it is about changing our ATTITUDE toward the situation... and that can also make a tremendous difference.

Secondly, there is power in faith as small as a mustard seed. Even with a tiny glimmer of hope, be brave and have a tiny bit of faith to take action. Faith involves action. So sometimes, just take a step and do something (ANYTHING!). And maybe that tiny step in faith that you do will lead you in the direction to turn your hope into substance.

The End.


  1. Halleluyah ! It trully a great and fantastic story. It will be told in generations to come. I think this should be the way to approach prayer. Not just paray pray only. We must do our part. You two are really great ! We really rejoice with you both. Some more this is a story we read on the 29th Nov. You should know the date !

  2. Thank you!

    Yes, I hope I never lose this ring (or anything else this precious) ever again. But now this ring will have an amazing story that will be tied to it!

  3. This amazing true story adds colour to this ring. It's true what I learnt during my course - problems adss colour to your life. God is indeed great as He is good.


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