Friday, November 10, 2006

Junk Mail, Glorious Junk Mail

How nice to come home to a big fat pile of junk mail.
It's one of the few pleasures of life to plomp myself down on our comfy couch, and flip through brochures and promotional mail at my own leisurely pace.
Continental pasta... ooohhh 99cents special this week!
Uncle Toby's cereal... save $1.27 this week!
Tim Tams... only $1.87 this week ONLY!
Multibuys baked beans... buy 2 for $1.50, save 89cents!
This kind of junk mail is good, because it's useful.
I detest the kind of the junk mail that says "Dear (insert name), you are in the draw to win $100,000,000,000, simply sign up for a one year subscription for (insert useless product/service name) and get a free (insert useless item)"... now that is real JUNK mail... in the bin is goes straight away... how did they get my name and address in the first place? I feel a tremendous invasion of privacy here.
So Woolies, Target, Kmart, Red Spot, Bunnings, Spotlight... keep sending that beautiful junk mail through... you have a loyal reader here...

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