Monday, November 13, 2006

Attitude and 'Luck'

Hubby says I have knack for making my own 'luck'

Now I know that 'luck' is not a very good word to use because as many people say "There is NO such thing as LUCK"

But I suppose what I mean by 'luck' is the ability to create and seize my own opportunities...

As my dad always used say "It's not about WHAT you know, but it's about WHO you know"

And who you know seems to be the golden key to helping people secure jobs, projects, deals etc. etc. etc.

But as I set out into the wide world on my own, my first stop being Singapore, I landed my first job completely on my own merits. I wouldn't say I am a very extraordinary or extremely beautiful and hardly even a genius of any kind. But (also as dad liked to say) "by the grace of God" I got in.

And overall, I think we've had a very blessed life. We've expanded our territory in our own little ways. And I NEVER want to be complacent about it, but simply GRATEFUL.

Even for our move to Sydney, and to Perth, the transition was so smooth, it was just so amazing... the amazing deals we came across (like our unforgettable $10 futon couch), the people we met, and little pleasures we enjoyed... life is certainly very beautiful!

I really think it's about setting the right attitude...

One core principle I hold is to always give the benefit of the doubt first. Expectations can do a lot in determining your outcome...

Afterall it's your attitude that determines your altitude.

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