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The Amazing 6race... (because we need amazing grace to finish the race!)

Saturday, November 25th... the year was 2006...

That was finally the day of our church's annual AMAZING 6RACE

Starting point was at UWA's Oak Lawn

Our team: INITIAL D... three girls (me, Nezzy and Joey) and one guy (the guy is holding the camera)

(yaaa... I know, the name is very unoriginal, but it was all I could think of at that moment when we were registering... plus hubby had been watching the whole Initial D series on DVD/VCD, so that was my inspiration)

Hubby and me

Our host... the truly one of a kind, Stanley Tan

(Ooooooh... Long sleeve shirt with shorts, plus got belt some more... and white socks with leather shoes! Very interesting, only someone like Stan the Man can carry this off!)

The next part of this entry will be about the race itself, i.e. the different stations and tasks we had to go through and the fun (or agony) we had.

(1) Our first task to kickstart the race was to send one team member to search for a key (there were 80 keys altogether scattered about the lawn) and unlock a padlock to undo a chain tied around a tree (located behind the host)

Our team took a bit of time to complete this. Nezzy was panicking a bit at one point. But of course in the end we managed to unlock it and get our next clue.

We ran to our car and got ourselves organised. Nezzy would be the driver and my hubby would be the navigator (since guys supposedly have better navigational skills)

The navigator

(2) Our next clue required us to unscramble some letters that will lead us to our first destination in Northbridge

The scrambled letters looked something like this: CROK EFCA

How were going to figure this out? Crok? Kroc? Orck? Rock? Ooohh... Rock something... then Joey had a lightbulb moment, "Rock Face!!! I remember going to this indoor rock climbing place in Northbridge before! Let's go!"

Walau-eh! Don't tell me we have to climb up that!

Each team had to send two representatives, a guy and girl to complete a basic climb. So we sent out hubby (naturally) and Joey (since she had climbed here before)

Okay, ready, set...

...aaand GO!

(Spidermaaan... Spidermaaan... Friendly neighbourhood Spiderman)

Okay DONE... now for our next task

(3) Detour to Jacob's Ladder in Kings Park. Jacob's Ladder is a loooooong flight of steps leading all the way up the hill to King's Park. And our task was to find out the total number of steps there.

This task was up to Joey and myself. Being so clever, I suggested that they drop us off at the top and then drive down to pick us up at the bottom. Definitely the easy way. Most people would think of this, right? But on the way down, we met a couple of teams struggling UP the steps... panting and mumbling, ninety-eight... ninety-nine...

Yaaa... so clever right? I counted 267 steps altogether! Later on, someone told us that the number of steps was actually printed there at the lookout point where we started... (*geram*) So much for being clever.

(4) Anyway, moving on to the next clue. We had to choose between two options: LAND or WATER. We decided on the LAND option. No point getting wet so early in the game.

We headed to the location stated. The task was for two members to cycle about 1.5km to the Bell Tower on Barrack Street Jetty, and await a phonecall from the other two team members for further instructions.

Hubby and I were the cyclists. We rode in cute little bicyles which sat two people side by side, and looked like snuggly little pedal cars. Hubby would navigate and I would steer.

Here we go... we're in for a wild ride with me at the steering wheel!

Meanwhile the other two team members had to solve a puzzle in order to get the clue for our next instructions.

We arrived at our destination and realised that neither of us brought our mobile phones! Thankfully we spotted another team who were kind enough to lend us a phone. In return we let them take a picture with us in our buggy-bicyle!

[[Buggy-Bicyle Pic Coming Soon]]

We quickly called Nezzy who told us to search on the ground for a printed tile with the names of students at the Midland Christian School and obtain the first three names listed. The we hurried back for our next clue.

This cycling task was probably my favourite part of the race. Even though my legs are aching now as I type this after all the rigorous pedaling. I think it was a chance to do an unusual activity which we otherwise would not have initiated ourselves. And pedaling down by the river in a buggy-bicycle is definitely unusual!

(5) The next clue was to unscramble another set of letters for our next destination.

Can you figure this one out: CKSOT DOAR WLBO

Nezzy: The last word is definitely "bowl"... but which one?
Me: The second word is "Road"
Nezzy: Stock Road Bowl!!!

At the bowling alley, we had to complete ten frames before moving on to our next task. It would have probably been more fun if we weren't so pressed for time to get it over and done with quickly to get on with our next task

(6) The next task was to stop at the MacDonalds in Melville, where a team member would be randomly selected to eat two cheeseburgers and recite the Big Mac Mantra by heart: "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun"

We pulled straws and Joey was our champion for this task. For a relatively small-sized girl, she did pretty well munching down those two cheeseburgers in one go.

(7) Our next clue was the hardest. We were given a slip of paper with seemingly random dots, and a transparent sheet printed with boxes and spaces. We were supposed to place the transparent sheet over the dotted paper to reveal the location of our Final Destination.

But we just couldn't figure it out. We decided to take a lunch break and try and work out the final clue... but it was impossible. We even started calling up other teams to collaborate and try to work out the final clue together. But it seemed that no one knew the answer.

After lunch we drove around to try and score "Bonus Points" by completing other miscellaneous tasks on "Stanley's Wish List". Such as taking a photo of a team member with a cow, kangaroo, policeman. And solving an optional number and letters puzzle (also to score bonus points).

We kept on cracking our heads, trying to figure out the final clue... and then we decided to call Adrian... a Mr Nice Guy from another team.

Me: Pretty please tell us, we really have no idea where it is
Adrian: Okay, okay... it's at Heathcote in Applecross
Me: Wow, you guys are really smart to figure that one out
Adrian: Not really, we had insider info
Me: Cheh, how come eh? But nevermind, whatever it takes right? See you there!

We zoomed off to Applecross... the Final Destination... where the events took a dramatic and sad turn...

To be continued...

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  1. Noooooo ... sad turn? What happened?
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