Monday, November 06, 2006

All alone

Today is the first time I am staying so late at the office. It is 6.40pm now. I am the only one left at the office (except for the carpet cleaning guys, but they don't count). I had a report due today, but it was just too impossible to finish it in time. And people here don't work past 7pm I think. Well anyway, the guy who I am working on the project on isn't staying late tonight, so we sent an email to the client to extend the deadline by another day. So there's nothing left to do but continue working on it again tomorrow.
I am now just spending a few quick minutes checking emails before I run off to catch the 6.50pm bus and head home. Thankfully, I made enough dinner yesterday for tonight's meal as well. So all it takes is to heat it up later to eat.

Be one of the first to try Windows Live Mail.

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