Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Religions revealed

Yesterday was the unveiling of the fact that I AM A CHRISTIAN.
We had one of the mid-afternoon conversation breaks and the topic turned to religion. There were four of us in the conversation. One guy recently converted to Buddhism a couple of years ago after a trip to Thailand. The other two were more like floaters. And I am the Christian.
The Buddhist guy revelled in explaining all the concepts and benefits of Buddhism and why it was a superior path to follow. Some of the information was very new to the others, but I've had some exposure to it living in Malaysia, having family members who are both keen Buddhist (and some casual Buddhist followers). In fact MH was also a very active Buddhist before he became a Christian - he was very active in such societies, committees as well as the Young Buddhist Fellowship, organising various camps and activities.
I didn't say much. Perhaps I should have. But I'm not one of the most eloquent speakers on this subject. And I certainly was not capable of overpowering my Buddhist colleague who was dominating the whole conversation.
But I did say a few words on what I understood about Buddhism which surprised my colleagues a little. I added that I like to learn about other religions and understand where they are coming from. In fact I had recently finished reading a book comparing the different religions of the world.
Another colleague asked me whether it was because I followed my parents who were Christians... so my answer was no, I am a Christian my by own choice, and I find fulfilment in discovering my purpose, and I am very happy because of I have this.
We started rattling on about people of other religions and how come religions and denominations are less tolerant or more stringent in their doctrines.
I don't feel I had made a tremendous "WoW" impact, but was simply being myself.
But an encouraging comment came from the Buddhist guy: "You know, I find that the easiest people to talk to about religion are (1) Buddhist like myself, and (2) Contemporary Christians like yourself"
So yeah, that was certainly encouraging to hear.
But now that this is out of the open, I realise more than ever that any action or word from me would determine how my colleagues would perceive Christianity as a whole. And I know I'll never stop needing God's grace to live my life right, no matter if I'm going through the good days as well as the bad days.

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